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Attention Sewers and Knitters!!

A woman I know has a Micro Preemie (under 3 pounds) baby in a NICU in Canada. She told me that, while most of the other things are covered by the healthcare system, the parents are responsible for blankets, hats, and clothing for the babies while they are in the NICU.

She sent me specifications on making some of these outfits and I would like to get a bunch together to send to donate to the NICU. Would any of you be interested in helping me?

Size Guidelines:

Babies in the NICU range from:
Weight: 10 ounces to 6 lbs (They are usually very thin.)
Length: 7 inches to 18 inches
Head Circumference: 3.5 inches to 16 inches
Micro preemies are those weighing less than 3lbs.
Preemies are usually 3 to 6 lbs

Hats, Mittens & Booties:

Please use soft baby yarn (i.e.: Bernat Softee Baby or similar yarn), and use a small hook/needle for construction. Preemies have many tubes, and wires attached. Their fingers & toes are also very small and can easily get caught in bigger holes.

A website with free patterns to help:


The NICU is most in need of cotton flannel blankets. These can easily be made with small squares of flannel by serging the edges so the fabric will not fray. One or Two layers of flannel are a good weight.

Fleece and Micro fleece CANNOT be used.

Crochet & Knitted blankets can also be used. Please use soft baby yarn and small hook/needle for construction. Smaller holes are better.

10 x 10, 12 x 12, 14 x 14, 16 x 16 or 18 x 18 inch squares work well for the various sizes of babies. Some larger 20 inch squares could also work for larger babies, though less of them are needed.

If you have a small doll that is 16 inches or less long you can gauge the size you wish to make easier. The blankets need to cover the baby, two small rolled up blankets and be able to be tucked in so square and rectangles work best. There is more of a need for the smaller ones since larger ones can be found at local stores.

Baby Clothes:

NICU Preemie“Wraps”

These are made out of cotton flannel and help babies stay warm. They also make them cute for pictures. I do not have a pattern for these but am still hoping to find one. The most information I could find on them was on the website below. Please do not copy her pattern unless you get her permission.


Preemie & Micro Preemie dresses/suits/pajamas:

These are used either for pictures, burial or for bringing baby home. Mostly 0-3 lbs sizes are needed. Larger sizes of pajamas for 3-6 lb babies are also needed, but are easier to find. I do not have a pattern for these, though you may be able to find patterns for doll clothing that would work using the size guidelines. Please do not copy patterns of others without their permission.

Here are a few examples:



This is the hospital the items will be going to: http://www.jgh.ca/
I'd like to send a big box of things to them (it will also save on shipping--which i'd like to split with whoever is helping)
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